Medical Devices Logistics

Transport and Mounting of 

HighEnd Medical Devices

Transporting medical devices was already a challenging task before the pandemic. It is even more challenging now because, on one hand, global supply chains have been disrupted and, on the other, a high level of additional demand has been created.

For example, upgrading intensive care units, setting up vaccination centres for billions of people worldwide and transporting the vaccines. Meanwhile, the effort to research and produce the vaccines is going on behind the scenes.

Hardly any logistical task has to be organised as conscientiously as the logistics of medical equipment. When, for example, equipment is replaced in a hospital, precise planning to the minute is essential.

It is not simply a matter of getting the goods from A to B on time. Patient care and diagnostics must be guaranteed without interruption.

That’s why you also have to ensure efficient processes at the destination after arrival, so that the equipment is ready for use as quickly as possible.

Are doors and lifts wide enough? How many staff are needed for delivery and set-up? Many details need to be considered.

We offer solutions for medical technology not only in Germany, but also in Europe and worldwide. Ensuring that your goods arrive in hospitals and laboratories ready for use.

Excellence Global Logistics provides tailor-made processes up to and including “white glove delivery.”

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