Heavy Transport

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Heavy transport refers to transports where the weight and / or size of the loaded vehicle exceeds the values permitted in road traffic. To be precise, a distinction can also be made between HEAVY and LARGE transport. Mostly, however, heavy transport is used as an umbrella term for both.

Accordingly, in everyday practice there are 3 variants of transports:

  • A transport that is not too big, but too heavy.
  • A delivery that is not too heavy, but too big.
  • A transport that exceeds the permitted dimensions in both weight and size.

Our Services

Checking the Route 

Which roads may or may not be used for heavy transport?

Do signs have to be dismantled or other obstacles removed for the transport?

Would the transport obstruct flowing traffic?

Organization of Means of Transport

Which vehicles are suitable for the goods to be transported? In addition to suitability for size and weight, safety is also important. Sensitive machinery, for example, must be protected from vibrations and impacts. How is the changeover between different means of transport carried out, e.g. from a truck to a ship?

Arrangement with Authorities

Which permits are required? During what time is transport permitted? Does a police escort have to be organized?

Arrangement of Insurance Cover

Third party liability for the protection of other road users.

Insurance of transported goods against damage.

Management of Customs Clearance 

In case of international heavy transports.

Freight Inquiry

We evaluate the feasibility and calculate the cost of your large or heavy transport.

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