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Selecting a mode of transportation for importing / exporting freight between China and Germany is a trade-off between time, cost and size of delivery.

The main advantage of air freight is speed. The airplane is therefore the preferred means of transport for perishable or sensitive goods, for example for pharmaceuticals, high-grade technology, urgently needed spare parts or documents.

The disadvantages are found in the other two criteria:

  • Air freight is more expensive than transport by ship or train.
  • An airplane can’t hold as much cargo. Often, only the cargo space of passenger aircraft is available.

There are also goods that are considered a security risk and therefore are not allowed to be transported by air.

Our Services

  • Air freight between China and Germany
  • Handling of oversized and heavy cargo
  • On-board courier service
  • Connecting transports
  • Shipment tracking
  • Import and export
  • Customs clearance

The benefits of air transport also include:

  • There is no need for extensive packaging on the plane.
  • Insurance coverage is cheaper because of short travel time and high security in air travel.
  • Because of the fast delivery at the destination goods can be used quickly. I.e. the capital is not tied up for weeks.

In comparison, consider a delivery by cargo ship, which typically travels for several weeks.

The Air Freight Market in China

Over the past four decades, the primary focus of Chinese logistics has been capacity expansion.

  • From 1978 to 2018, the number of Chinese airports has increased from 70 to 235.
  • China currently counts 76 international airports.
  • The three major airports Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou serve as hubs for numerous connecting flights.
2019 beförderte der Shanghai Pudong International Airport 3,63 Millionen Tonnen Fracht.

In 2019, Shanghai Pudong International Airport carried 3.63 million tons of cargo. It is the largest cargo airport in China.

Beijing Capital International Airport Außenaufnahme

Beijing Capital International Airport handled about 2.03 million tons of air cargo in 2019.

We will determine the best combination of means of transport for your project.

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